Water Treatment 2021

Some of the biggest challenges you face at Industrial water treatment plants are:

• Scaling formation
• Corrosion
• Biofouling

All companies like yours, are turning their back on traditional chemicals, such as phosphonates, phosphates and polyacrylates in search of tomorrow’s solution. Instant Dosing Technology is placed in tomorrow’s world.

Our Instant ISOFT Technology is just that solution available today with unique properties, biobased and fully biodegradable. So effective and eco-friendly that you can use it on any applications:

• Drinking water
• Boiler & Heating
• Cooling towers
• Membrane technology

Discover how Instant Dosing provides a viable solution to your foremost challenges. Talk to our water treatment experts today!

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We have developed

A versatile water treatment scale-prevention technology. Our ultra-purified grade FILTERSORB® SP3 and FILTERSORB® CT help you overcome many of the challenges you face in the residential and domestic water treatment industry, both technical (Scale/Corrosion) and environmental problems (sewage water discharge). Regardless of either operating a hot water boiler, dishwasher, coffee machine and all without using a traditional salt-based water softener.

Traditionally, saltless anti-scale systems have been a major challenge for home appliances because of their life span issues, maximum 2 years. However, FILTERSORB® SP3 solves this thanks to its low degradation rate which means a minimum of 5-7 years and combine treatment with FILTERSORB® CT which inhibits carbonate, as well as sulfate and silica scale build-up.

Sustainability – First and foremost

With worsening environmental problems, demands are growing for saltless water softener and sustainable scale prevention treatment with FILTERSORB® SP3 and FILTERSORB® CT . Demands for a saltless water softener with Nucleation Assisted Crystallization (NAC) are inherently effortless and sustainable, making it superior scale prevention, safe and multifunctional media for your next generation of Eco-Friendly scale prevention system’s.

What’s more?

It’s saltless, sodium-free, chemical-free with Water treatment certification from WQA to NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 and 372.


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