The purest magnesium oxide now in the form of Trappsorb® is available in the water treatment industry. The Trappsorb® produced by Watch Water is 99.99% pure MgO + CaO free-flowing uniform bead’s. 

Trappsorb® is a porous, amorphous form of Magnesium(MgO). Although it has the same chemical composition as granular products, is radically different to other MgO- based materials due to its unique outer surface and structure, it is composed of a unique manufacturing process giving it’s uniformity and Macroscope pores. As opposed to granular MgO, Trappsorb® have larger pores with a wide range of diameters. To ensure drinking Water Quality, all Adsorber division products are certified by WQA to meet ANSI/NSF 61 standard.


  • To Filter out suspended solids.
  • Due to its high alkalinity, it is easy to control the pH without using any chemicals.
  • Remove silica effectively compared to Ion exchange Resin’s and Membranes.
  • Remove Phosphorus effectively compared to any other technology available in the Market.
  • Remove CO2 and H2S including Ammoniain the water or wastewater
  • Controlling Corrosion of the Municipal and Utilities network without adding any Corrosion inhibitors
  • The simplest process of enriching water with Mg2+ ions to be salinated and softened water
  • Solve all scaling problem’s in wastewater tanks with its long-lasting alkalinity/pH control. Easy and safe to handle since.


Packing Data

Packaging Standard
28.3 liter/ bag
Big Bags available on request


Technical Data

Description Beads specifically designed for potable water as well as waste water treatment. Removal of Silica, Phosphates, Ammonia, CO2, H2S and heavy metals. Neutralization of all acidic water as specifically designed for corrosive deionized, soft water and for enriching water with Magnesium and Calcium.
Chemical and Physical Properties Magnesium Oxide (MgO) %         80%
Calcium Oxide (CaO) %                10%
Proprietary                                     10%

Chemically inert, No metals present
Granule Size 1.2 – 3.4 mm
Bulk Density 1140 – 1275 kg/m3