Radionuclide removal from water with KATALYST LIGHT® is the most economical way to get rid of 226Ra, 228Ra and 238U in water for Drinking and Water Re-use. During the filtration of Groundwater, Surface Water and wastewater, ferrous iron (Fe2+) is oxidized to ferric iron (Fe3+) and raising pH with KATALYST LIGHT® forms the insoluble iron hydroxide complex Fe(OH)3. Same way Mn2+ is oxidized to Mn(OH)4, which further forms insoluble MnO2 (Manganese dioxide).


  • • Lowest operation costs
  • • Minimum Maintenance
  • • No Acid Dosing
  • • No Caustic Dosing
  • • Oxidant Pretreatment
  • • Design/Build Systems
  • • One system kit for 2 to 20 Pressure Vessels
  • • Total system as Kit
Katalyst-Light (Radionuclide Removal)