I-SOFT® DESCALER removes deposits of scale and destroys microorganisms. The composition of chelating agent, corrosion inhibitor, biocides and reducing agent including acids can clean variety of industrial and water systems including cooling towers, boilers and heat exchangers water systems.
The reaction of Alkaline I-SOFT® DESCALER and Acids produces very high amount of acidic reaction and removes strong deposits of scales and rusts as well as providing disinfection in the process.





Applications Mode of Action
Removing Scale while dosing in any application- water softener is not needed anymore. Displaces the equilibrium by sequestering metal cations.
Dissolving Calcium Cabonate Scale
  • o10 kg Calcium carbonate (lime scale) generates 2.2m3 of CO2 gas when it is dissolved with
    • oHCI
    • oH2SO4 or any other acids
Advantages : The I-SOFT® DESCALER is the highest binder for Calcium & Scale which enables it to dissolve existing calcium scale and at the same time will not allow to form any kind of new scale
Acid such as hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid or citric acids are corrosive to all metals in
  • o Cooling Towers
  • o Boilers
  • o Heat Exchangers
  • o Chillers
The I-SOFT® DESCALER displace the quilibrium of precipitation reactive by sequestering the clacium cations

The I-SOFT® DESCALER has the highest affinity for Calcium, Mangesium compared to weak complexing products like
  • o Phosphated
  • o Phosphonates
  • o EDTA or NTA



Best Features

Heavy Duty Industrial Water Treatment Compound

Recalculating any water system cleaner

Scale & Corrosion prevention, Dispersant & Cleaner

Method of simultaneous Cleaning and Disinfection





  • Green Technology
  • 100% Biodegradable formulation
  • No Phosphates or Phosphonates
  • Disinfect the system from microbial growth
  • Prevents bio-film development
  • I-SOFT® DESCALER is the only acid in the world that dissociates in three steps:
    • o The I-SOFT® DESCALER reduce the concentration of free metals ions in any aqueous solution in any water treatment system
    • o The I-SOFT® DESCALER is working as the water softener without adding phosphates or harmful sodium . I-SOFT® DESCALER soften the scale and re-dissolve even stubborn scale
    • o The I-SOFT® DESCALER modifies the reactivity metal ions in water



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