Oxidation reaction promoted by INSTANT OXYDES®-P has several advantageous characteristics.

A new methodology of Green Chemistry that has several Advantages over the Salt Generator. Inexpensive reagents and the use of H2O as a sole solvent, reaction at the room temperature (not higher than 90°C) and short reaction time to kill any microbiological contamination via Electrochemical reaction.

INSTANT OXYDES®-P reacts with added sodium chloride (NaCl) salts to create chlorine, a very strong Sanitizer that removes any additional contaminants found in water.





If the water smells bad, many odors like sulfur, sulfides and chlorine is the cause. These odors can be removed by catalytic carbon and can be regenerated. If water supply use chemical called chloramines instead of chlorine to kill bacteria it can not be removed by a simple activated carbon and will give a medicinal taste to the beer. This can be removed by dosing the water with INSTANT OXYDES®-P. Minerals like Iron, Manganese Hydrogen sulfide and Arsenic can be remove by using KATALYST LIGHT®.


Oxidation of contaminants using OXYDES®-P

  • Aromatic Aldehydes
  • Disinfection
  • Control of Microorganisms
  • Removal of ammonia
  • Control of taste and odor
  • Color reduction
  • Destruction of Organic Matter
  • Hydrogen Sulfide Oxidation
  • Hydrogen Sulfide Oxidation
  • Iron and Manganese oxidation
  • Pool and Spa application
  • Cooling Tower shock-treatment
  • Oxidizing Antimicrobials
  • Other uses and effects of OXYDES®-P