Two-in One Process of nitrate removal and water softening


Nitro-Soft (nitrate removal and water softening) system is a TWO-in-ONE system for removal of nitrate and water softening for whole house – Point of Entry System. This treatment system features a cabinet mounted Nitrotrapp media and units are sized for 1-2 family house and for a maximum design flow of 3 m3/h (13.2 gpm) for three family house. The models NitroSoft One, Two and Three uses NitroSoft media in a single fibre glass composite vessel. Each tank contains Watch Water® NitroTrapp and HardnessTrapp media in a ratio of 50:50. Both medias are supplied in the chloride form as moist, tough as uniform spherical beads. Our Nitrate and Hardness removal system featured with a mixing valve that blends treated and untreated water to attain a blended nitrate concentration at set point less than 5 mg/liter. Nitro-Soft systems are equipped with a regeneration/brine well and brine valve system to regenerate the system.


Nitrate Removal and Water Softening

Never use Water Softener Alone, When Nitrates in Water

Because softening resin is loaded with Sodium (Na+) all Calcium nitrate, Magnesium nitrate and Iron nitrate ions are exchanged as follows Ca2+NO3 + Mg2+-NO3 + Fe2+NO3 are exchanged into very toxic Na+NO3 Sodium nitrate water is considered as irritant to the respiratory tract which cause shortness of breath and coughing. Water softening alone when presented with high nitrates are result in water pollution & contamination of drinking water sources.




System Specification
NitroSoft Model Size of Household Type Flow Connection DxWxH Nitrosoft Inside
One One Family Household (2–6 person) POE 1 m3/h 1″ 56 x 31 x 74 cm 10 L
Two Two Family Household (6-12 person) POE 2 m3/h 1″ 56 x 31 x 120 cm 20 L
Three Three Family Household (12 – 18 person) POE 3 m3/h 1″ 56 x 31 x 120 cm 30 L
Electrical Specification
AC Adapter International
Supply Voltage 230V AC
Supply Frequency 50 Hz