Watch Water® combines valuable chemistry with commitment, innovation and expertise to deliver simple and the most cost-effective water Dosing Chemicals infrastructure solutions to every customers across the globe. Our comprehensive INSTANT Chemicals treats the scaling, corrosion, organic and inorganic deposit formations. We provide the industry with most powerful, certified chemical Dosing Solutions that remove all problems and prevents corrosion and scale that cause a majority of all possible water quality concerns and environmental problems with phosphates, phosphonates, chlorine issues.

Antiscalant is a pretreatment water additive for reverse osmosis system that is highly effective in preventing the membranes from scaling. Before the feed water enters the reverse osmosis membrane, an antiscalant is injected into the water and sent the through the system. The chemicals creates a time delay between the bicarbonate and the calcium magnesium. The delay allows the water to pass through the membrane before any chemical reaction, in which scale can form, occurs.



Best Features

• Correct Dosing/Continuous Operation
• Controlled Concentration of products
• Personnel Safety
• Cost effectiveness
• Low Toxicity Technology
• Lower CO2 Emissions
• 100% Recyclable Packaging
• Ease of Disposal
• Convenience
• No Service and Maintenance Costs



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Watch INSTANT dosing chemicals are manufactured in our plant in Mannheim, Germany. INSTANT I-SOFT with the addition of highly concentrated scale inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors, dispersants, oxygen scavengers (Volatile and Non-Volatile), biocides (Oxidizing and Non-oxidizing) for any Residential, Industrial or Commercial applications are proven to be the most environmentally friendly and safe products available in Water Treatment industry.

Watch Water® is the only producer of INSTANT complexing Agents. In addition to the INSTANT I-SOFT (complex), we also offer corrosion inhibitors, BIOXIDE, Oxygen Scavengers, Cleaning Agent , Descalers and strong Oxidizers – and all of these products are biodegradable! Watch Water® does not supply Phosphates, EDTA, NTA, Phosphonates or Complexing agents which are not Biodegradable. The performance of the INSTANT I-SOFT is much higher and the biggest advantage for customers is not to buy 95 % of expensive water, which involves higher transport costs and handling costs. It solves the problem of storage as well. The excellent ecological properties of the INSTANT I-SOFT have been confirmed by numerous customers worldwide. Watch Water® therefore recommends the INSTANT I-SOFT as replacement for other, less environment friendly complexing agents, such as Phosphates, Phosphonates, Ion-Exchange Cations, Anions and Silicates etc.




Drinking Water

Drinking Water: Watch-Water® INSTANT Dosing technology offers a very broad range of drinking water treatment products to avoid corrosion because of water Softeners including hard water scale problems. “Soft-water” which leads to corrosion of pipes can be protected through phosphate/silicate formulations. INSTANT I-SOFT stops the heavy metals contents in drinking water that occurs due to corrosion of metals pipes.

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  • Drinking Water applications, Food & beverage Industries
  • Scale & Corrosion inhibitor for all pipes.
  • Municipal, Residential, Industrial, Commercial Water Application
  • Scale & Corrosion inhibitor for all pipes and equipments.

Disinfectant (non-chlorine)

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  • Drinking Water applications, Food & beverage Industries
  • Scale & Corrosion inhibitor for all pipes.