Chlorine is a common chemical that is used to disinfect water prior to consumption or domestic use. Without chlorine, many health issues will arise. Water treatment facilities are prone to using chlorine as it is inexpensive and can ensure that our water does not contain any dangerous waterborne disease which can get us sick. As chlorine has a fast evaporation rate, it is no longer sufficient to use only chlorine. Therefore, chloramines are then forced to be used as a disinfection chemical. Both chlorine and chloramines are bound to create disinfection byproducts compounds when contact with organics which is known as Trihalomethanes (THMs). These compounds are toxic to human when consumed, inhaled or applied to the skin. This is the reason why many people are left with the unpleasant smell of chlorine from the tap water without realizing how dangerous chlorine, chloramines and DBPs are for humans. Many studies from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has shown that those who drink water for prolong periods with chlorine where THM’s have formed could lead to bladder cancer, breast cancer, miscarriages and nervous system effects. To prevent this, it is very crucial to remove chlorine, chloramines, disinfection byproducts and THMs.

Chlorine can evaporate from water within 24 hours when left outside or by boiling water. Unfortunately, this is not the case for chloramines as it stays dissolved in water for a longer period of time. The only solution is to use activated carbon (Catalytic Carbon®) which is very effective for chlorine removal from water and chloramines within seconds. This activated carbon (Catalytic Carbon®) can be installed as a POE or POU, depending on the availability and space. Watch Water GmbH, Germany is leading in the market with one of the best Catalytic Carbon® which has a high coating (10%) Feroxyhyte (FeOOH) coated granule activated carbon (GAC). Manufacture 100% in Germany. One of the compelling features is that this carbon can be regenerated and replaced every (2- 5 years). As for many other common activated carbon in the market, it is necessary to replace it every 6 -12 months. In addition to adsorption of organic contaminants Catalytic Carbon® is very effective in adsorption of inorganic contaminants (Arsenic, Heavy Metals and etc). For further details for removing Arsenic, Heavy Metals in drinking water, please visit homepage.

To get fresh drinking water from home without any chlorine or chloramines, Catalytic Carbon® is the best carbon which has many advantages over the common carbon in the market. In addition, many other inorganic and organic contaminants can be removed due to the special coating of Feroxyhyte (FeOOH) and the highest grade of activated carbon. For complete point of entry (POE) system, please contact Watch Water GmbH, Germany for further details and consultations.