OXY (Oxygen Release), SORB (an Adsorber) is a proprietary formulation of Watch Water®. OXYSORBTM granules in water produce a controlled release of Active Oxygen for periods of up to one whole year on a single application. The core of granules OXYSORBTM is a non-hazardous, food grade adsorber to bind and scavenge grade Phosphate, Nitrates, Hydrogen sulfide including Toxic organic compounds (TOC). Watch Water’s OXYSORBTM has another name “magic bullet” solution in a single dosing oxidation and adsorption. OXYSORBTM technology and the process work to destroy contaminants in just a short period of time.

Best Features
• Improves water quality
• Reduces hydrant overloading
• Reduces heavy metals
• Reduces volatile organic compounds
• Reduces nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus
• Removes odor
• Reduces Geosmins, Trihalomethanes and Chloramines
• Reduces organic muck and harmful gases (like H2S)
• Kills coliform bacteria
• Stops nuisance Algae growth





Watch Water’s purpose is to remove contaminants from water, on a Earth’s planet’s surface. These applications often refer to: Water pollution affects the entire biosphere plant and organisms living in these bodies of water. OXYSORBTM is the most important product for keeping all the waters safe and non-toxic. OXYSORBTM is life for all waters no matter where the water is – why? Read carefully Oxygen is the most imporant constituent of waterbody health.

Without oxygen at the bottom of the water body, anaerobic bacteria (that live without oxygen) produces acids. These acids not only increase acidity but also causes a MASSIVE release of Phosphorous and Nitrogen, the two major fertilizers that form the organic sediment into the water column. At the same time, these anaerobic bacteria put toxic gases in the water including Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S, which is very toxic even at 0.01 mg/L with rotten egg smell), ammonia, carbon dioxide and methane. TOC = Toxic Organic Compounds are toxic to all life forms including fishes, beneficial bacteria, and insects. Only OXYSORBTM can speed aerobic bacteria, support healthy fish, increases total oxygen content which gives water plants to adsorb nutrients and use them more efficiently. Any other method of increasing dissolved oxygen are useless and unsatisfactory because of the requirement of excessive agitation which moves nutrients to the surface encouraging more Algae growth or because they do not ensure sufficient oxygenation.

It adsorbs up to 99% of phosphorus and nitrogen in the bottom section of the water body where it becomes food for beneficial muck consuming bacteria and insects. The insects then become one of the best foods for fishes, improving healthy fish growth. Water pH stays around 7.6 all the time when treated with OXYSORBTM

Oceans, seas, lakes

Ponds, wetlands

Rivers, streams, canals

Reservoirs, basin, aquifers

Harbor, lagoons

Water as well as for water reuse

Surface and ground waters






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