Oxygenated Water for Biological Treatment




Due to a very heavy load of pollution from nutrients overloading, water in many areas become out of balance, large algae blooms start to overtake the cleaning process. Attributed by photosynthesis, DISSOLVED-OXYGEN levels start to decrease, making it hard to clean pollution. GreenOxy application sinks the killed algae and weeds to the bottom where the natural process is breaking down the waste. This is what the GreenOxy process does at the bottom of the polluted waters; GreenOxy process gets Oxygen to the sediment layers of the bottom then augmentation with beneficial bacteria takes place, Water Quality improves, and the Algae will disappear. For this reason, RedOxy-3C can clean every lake, pond, or wastewater as a unique product that it is.




Odor Control

Heavy Metal Removal


Adsorption of Phosphate

Adsorption of Nutrients

Oxygenate water for biological treatment

Steady continuous oxygenation




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