CARBONBLOCK-TS3 is the first ever Activated Carbon Filter combined with Titansorb Crystalline Powder for high capacity of Heavy metal removal. This activated carbon filter with Titansorb has benefits of high removal of Organics as well as self-regenerable through Photocatalyst properties. After that, it is a direct replacement for unnecessary reverse osmosis for drinking water.

Similarly, CARBONBLOCK-TS3 filter cartridges are considered to be the most advanced method for reducing a broad spectrum of toxic contaminants based on organics and inorganics including prescription drugs and BPA. As compared to all conventional technologies like reverse osmosis or ion exchange, Carbonblock-TS3 provides cleaner water without wasting water and the use of energy.

CARBONBLOCK-TS3 filter cartridges employ two different filtration stages. Firstly, combining Activated Carbon and secondly, Titansorb. Therefore, provides both electro kinetic adsorption and physiochemical adsorption. Titansorb-P is the most effective due to its high photocatalytic activity, chemical stability, nontoxic nature and its highest adsorption capacity.





Activated Carbon Filter manufactured based on Titansorb-P are showing increasing attention for the degradation of the following contaminants:

  • Humic Acids, Fumic Acids
  • All Phenolic Compounds
  • Pesticides and Chlorinated Compounds
  • All sort of Dyes
  • Microplastic Compounds
  • Antibiotics & Pharmaceutical
  • Pathogenic Bacteria
  • Provide a simple, highly effective heavy metal removal mechanism
  • Easy Exchangeable cartridge
  • Can be used in industrial applications that require part per billion concentration like
  • Arsenic, Uranium, Chromium, Radium, Copper, Mercury, Nickel, Fluorides, Radioactive metals and Lead




Easy and Best Suitable

Saves Beneficial Mineral in Water

No Electricity Needed

No Chemical in Water



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