INSTANT OXYDES® is the best disinfectant which breaks down to oxygen, water and carbonates and the decomposition happens without the formation of any residues or toxic contaminants unlike chlorine, chlorine dioxide and potassium permanganate.

INSTANT OXYDES® is an absolute white food-grade biocide in odorless, crystalline powder form which, when added to water dissolves easily and releases hydrogen peroxide which is stabilized to work as very strong and powerful disinfectant. It has a wide range of applications and uses. Since it’s approved for any food applications, it is used in drinking water applications, Resin and Membrane cleaning applications, disinfectant for all surfaces, barrels, pressure vessels, lines and pipes, tanks and a complete range of Food and Beverage equipment.




Thousands if not millions of water filtration systems are installed worldwide to reduce and remove metals and other contaminants. These water systems are used for residential, industrial, commercial and municipal well water systems. Most of all these commercially available water filters use the same technologies like activated carbon, sand, anthracite, ion-exchange resins and different membrane treatments.

INSTANT OXYDES® is designed to prevent and remove bacteria and virus and their toxins from water to enter into these filtration systems, brine systems, ion-exchange resins, sand or anthracite filters and also to protects all kind of membrane systems.

A two-stage New Generation System (KATALYST LIGHT® and OXYDES®) are used in all those locations where the levels of chlorine, heavy metals and organic and inorganic contaminants are high. One of such locations are residential sections all around the globe. This system is for Point-Of-Entry applications for drinking water for a healthy family.

Dosing INSTANT OXYDES®, a stabilized peroxide treatment before the KATALYST LIGHT® (Manganese coated Zeosorb®) adds additionall oxidizing capacity and provide a perfect water for shower and bathing.

Substitute to



Chlorine dioxide

Liquid Hydrogen Peroxide

Strong Oxidants