Granules Dosing Technology for Water Body Purification




REDOXY-3C is a granule dosing technology for surface water purification and mediation through natural biological processes. Combine treatment technologies for immediate results with lowest initial investment.

Combine treatment for surface water and groundwater remediation. In combined remediation technologies such as mixing, diluting and dosing using pumps and to treat, and induction of oxidative or reductive conditions are very cost-effective and time-consuming. However, these applications are dependent on circumstances, and therefore REDOXY-3C has proved to be cost-prohibitive and very effective at contaminated sites without injection/ and mixing.


RED is to reduce
Extremely Toxic organics and
Disinfection of water
Oxidation potential of over 8.5 V
Xtremely high sulfate and hydroxyl radicals
Yielding breakthrough in chemistry and process


Only one treatment is enough. Your Visual monitoring will show a reduction in contaminants within a matter of a day, Within a few day’s they are completely eliminated removal your liability and giving you the best starting point for negotiating future sales and feeling great without any legal claims. As a member of the Watch Water® Group, we are dedicated to sharing knowledge and procedures for the successful use of REDOXY-3C granules for water and wastewater problems.




No Chlorine

No Flocculent/Alum

No Acids


No Ozone