FERROLOX-XG is Carbon based Metal-Organic-Frameworks for removal of toxic gases. Removing the troublesome and highly toxic impurities of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) and Carbon-dioxide from gases has become so simple and highly effective using a Metal (Iron Hydroxide) Organic (Carbon) Framework (MOF) developed by Watch Water Germany.

Upgrading gases with FERROLOX-XG could help the entire world to make greater and cleaner use of gases including natural gas supplies, which can contain high level of toxic impurities. FERROLOX-XG can be used to clean natural gases and other industrial gases containing H2S and CO2 worldwide to reap potentially large environmental and economic benefits.




Oil & Gas Industry


Gases in Oil Well

Fuel Tanks


Waste Water and Odour



Best Features


  • Capturing and degradation of toxic gases and vapours
  • Removal of highly toxic impurities of Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Simple and highly effective
  • Helps to make gases cleaner
  • Removal of troublesome impurities from gases
  • Removal of highly toxic impurities of Carbon dioxide





Operating Parameters


Operating Parameters:
Inlet H2S concentration 50 mg/l to 15000 mg/l
Bed height Min: 0.5 m
Max: 12 m
Pressure loss in filter bed < 1 to 15 mbar depending upon bed height and granule size
Pressure range No pressure – ca. 25 bar overpressure
Backwash Velocity US 10 – 12 gpm/ft2
Relative gas moisture Min: 40 %
Optimal: 60 % – 80 %