What is Red-Oxy® ?  What is RED?
Red-Oxy® Generated Ferrate with Watch Water® process is the most stable form of Ferrate (VI) because it is generated with Ferric Hexahydrate granules. The oxidant used in this process is a strong acid halogen which generated high voltage of oxidant without any DBPs. REDOX potential of the oxidant is as high as Hydroxyl Radicals. Watch Water® has no doubt that its proprietary process will be commercialize world-wide with its own branches or through very close partners.

Best Features

• Removal of Toxic Cations
• Removal of Toxic Anions
• Oxidation of inorganic
• Oxidation of Organic Contaminants
• Destroy Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care products
• Destroys endocrine disrupting chemicals
• Removal of pesticides fungicides and herbicides
• Destroys all bacterial and viruses
• Destroys Petroleum Hydrocarbons



This unique invention of Watch Water® can be used to extract

• Phthalates
• Hormone-Disrupting chemicals used for softening plastics
• BPA – another endocrine-disrupting synthetic compound widely used in plastics and plastic bottles and hundreds of different consumer goods from thermal printing paper samples
• Polycyclic hydrocarbons
• Carcinogenic compounds formed from incomplete combustion of fuels from contaminated soil.

Watch Water® Germany is the only innovator to introduce the first On-Site REDX generator and the Strongest Oxidant Solution [SOS] generator for disinfection and adsorption of almost every contaminants in water. REDX technology combines salt of REDX, OXYX and ADSORBX to generate the most cost effective high capacity Oxidant, Disinfectant and Adsorbent with Real Chemistry on site. Our extremely intelligent and expertly designed REDX generators give all our customers the freedom to produce oxidants, disinfectants and adsorbents in the amount they need and when they need it. REDX will serve any kind of water in any kind of industries. REDX generators are available in different sizes to fit every applications and to produce much superior results compared to any other oxidants and disinfectants including adsorbents, available all over the water treatment market. REDX chemistries will clean over 7000 billion gallons of water everyday. Safer, economical and absolutely more effective REDX is just a new revolution in the process of making water neat, clean and safe and without any hazardous byproducts.

Red-Oxy® treatment can be done without investing on the equipments as in most of the systems worldwide the dosing equipment can be used from existing feed pumps which will bring substantial improvements in finished water quality, especially as regards to trace organic contaminants and DBPs.

RED is to reduce
Extremely Toxic organics and
Disinfection of water

Oxidation potential of over 8.5 V
Xtremely high sulfate and hydroxyl radicals
Yielding breakthrough in chemistry and process