Revolutionary Scale Prevention Cartridge


ScaleTech cartridges provide scale protection on internal and external plumbing surfaces. Our NAC-based cartridges can be installed on a cold-water line before a water-using device (water heater, hot-beverage system, appliance, steamer, etc.) that needs hard water protection.

Watch Water uses FILTERSORB® SP3 media filled in the new SpinX cartridges placed in the standard big blue housings (10” and 20” variants). To protect your plumbings from scale FILTERSORB® SP3 media is the result of extensive research work along with its undisputable success in the market worldwide. Watch Water’s Nucleation Assisted Crystallisation (NAC) technology eliminates scale build-up naturally and effectively by converting dissolved hard minerals into inert microscopic crystal particles that harmlessly pass with water through the drain.

Unlike salt-based water softeners, our systems will not demineralize your water. Our Cartridges run without any electricity. Enjoy wonderful, salt-free drinking water with no soap lather formation in the shower or while cleaning the dishes.

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Model ScaleTech SL 10 ScaleTech SL 20 ScaleTech BB 10 ScaleTech BB 20
Service* Flow rate 4.5 lpm/ 1.2 gpm 8.5 lpm/ 2.2 gpm 12 lpm/ 3.2 gpm 16 lpm/ 4.2 gpm
Maximum** Flow rate 6.0 lpm/ 1.6 gpm 11.0 lpm/ 2.9 gpm 15.0 lpm/ 4.0 gpm 21.0 lpm/5.5 gpm
Dimensions 10″ x 2.5″ 20″ x 2.5″ 10″ x 4.5″ 20″ x 4.5″
Media Amount 250 ml 500 ml 750 ml 1000 ml

*The system can maintain scale protection 24/7 at this flow rate.
** The system can maintain scale protection for several minutes temporarily, but not constantly at this flow rate.










The cartridges now include the new SpinX distribution technology. The SpinX technology in the cartridges is way more efficient for water distribution. The bottom distributor has slits at a certain angle such that it creates a lot of agitation in the water. This agitation creates a tornado effect and fluidizes the media bed, hence ensuring widespread water distribution. It optimizes the treatment capacity performance of our NAC media by creating an internal forced turbulence that allows a uniform distribution of the FILTERSORB® SP3 media bed during the treatment.


  • Practically, any flow rate is possible by connecting the cartridges in parallel to each other.
  • ScaleTech cartridges can tolerate chlorine up to 3 ppm.
  • Additionally, a catalytic carbon filter can also be used in front of ScaleTech to get the best results.
  • Watch Water recommends changing the cartridge every two years.