Revolutionizing Water Treatment: REDOXY 4C Technology Pioneers Advanced Wastewater Reuse

Every drop of water counts. The practice of recycling previously used wastewater for secondary purposes has a long history. Water reclamation, simply called wastewater reuse or water recycling, is the process of converting industrial wastewater or municipal wastewater (sewage) into water that can be reused for a variety of purposes.

REDOXY 4C technology, used to treat wastewater for reuse, is the most simple and reliable technology, which meets the strict treatment standards (like IAPMO & NSF) and makes sure that the processed water is hygienically absolutely safe, meaning free from viruses, bacteria, and pathogens. The RedOxy technology (REDX, OXYX) with the combination of HydroOxy (ADSORB & HYDRO) followed by Crystolite®, KATALOX LIGHT® and Catalytic Carbon® filtration treatment gives you a very highgrade water, which can be used for any purpose.

REDOXY 4C technology fulfills the increasing demand for water reuse and increasing importance, not only in arid regions but also in villages, big cities, and contaminated environments. REDOXY 4C is the best available Very Advanced Oxidation Process (VAOP) in the entire water treatment industry.

Water recycling and reuse are increasingly important, and the cost of reclaimed water is extremely less compared to any conventional technologies available. The usage of REDOXY 4C decreases the pollution discharged into sensitive environments. It also helps to reduce the use of freshwater supply from underground sources. Using REDOXY 4C fulfills the Clean Water Act of 1972, which mandated the elimination of untreated waste discharge from municipal and industrial sources to make water safe. All nations are spending billions of dollars in grants for building industrial & municipal sewage treatment plants around the world. REDOXY 4C treatment plants are usually the most Advanced Oxidation Process in addition to primary and secondary treatment and it is required to meet set a high standard of discharge or water reuse.

In this catalytic round we synthase
Very High Reduction Potential (E°=9.5 V)
for the first time in super oxidation chemistry.
  • 1. Ferrate (VI) [FeO4]2
  • 2. Peroxide Radicals
  • 3. Highly Reactive Sulfate Radicals (SO4•-)
The second-order reaction creates.
  • 4. Carbonate Radicals (CO3•-)
  • 5. Formation of Hydroxyl Radicals (•OH)
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