Zeosorb® Water Filtration System Installation in Turkey

We are thrilled to announce the successful installation of our Zeosorb® Water Filtration System (Zeosorb® System for Ammonium Removal) in Gaziantep City, Turkey. The system is now fully operational, significantly improving water quality and providing purified water.

Within just 2-3 working days, the installation was completed with outstanding results, delivering high satisfaction among users.

Ammonium Removal System

Project Owner Gaziantep Municipality Gaski Operations Directorate
Project Purpose To Reduce The Ammonium Level In Water Below The Legal Limits And To Provide Potable Water To The Villagers.
Project Location Gaziantep City, Nizip District Dernek Village

System design: 1 Multimedia pre filtering, 1 ZEOSORB System (ammonium removal) Daily

Daily Capacity 50 m3 (maximum 150 m3
Total System Flow 25 m3 hour
Working pressure 4 bar
Multimedia tank size 48x72 FRP (Tanks are produced specifically for the project in Turkey)
Multimedia sand 525 lt
Backwash 30 m/h
ZEOSORB tank size 48x72 FRP (Tanks are produced specifically for the project in Turkey)
ZEOSORB volume 45 bag x 30 lt 1350 lt
Backwash 30 m/h
Regeneration NaCl
NaCl consuming 200 kg/regeneration
Valves with electric actuator Convalve
Piping NOZBART PVC-U (Türkiye production)
Control panel Specially designed touch screen, multiple access and special production with internet connection ( E liks Automation)
Water source Well, 60 m
Raw water tank 10 m3
Product water tank 50 m3
Raw water pump 2 pieces 35 m3 hour

Available water detail:
The following values were determined in the analyzes carried out to produce domestic and drinking water from shallow wells under field conditions.


Conductivity (EC) 440 µ/cm
pH 7.41
Ammonium 0.19 mg/lt
Sulfate 4.9 mg/lt
Hardness 14 °dH
Turbidity 2.13 NTU
Color 10
Hydrogen Sulfide Yes
Taste Bitter
Smell Rotten eggs


Conductivity (EC) 397 µ/cm
pH 7.4
Ammonium < 0.05 mg/lt
Sulfate 3.88 mg/lt

Although it is primarily aimed at ammonium removal in water, the designed water treatment system

shows that it works much more efficiently than expected, according to the results below.

A big thank you to our dedicated Watch Water® Turkey team and special thank to Mehmet Gulener for their great work!

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