Watch Water® upgrades Catalyst Adsorber for Oxygen removal.

Special adsorber company Watch Water® has developed a new Catalyst Adsorber for (De-Oxo Reaction). Catalyst Deoxy is used for the conversion of hydrogen in the presence of oxygen to form water according to the following chemical formula.

Alternatively, the material can also be used for the conversion of CO with oxygen according to the following chemical formula.


Copper and Manganese Oxide on Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs)


Deoxygenation is a chemical catalytic reaction involving the removal of oxygen atoms from a molecule. The term also refers to the removal of molecular oxygen (O2) from water and solvents including gases, a step-in air-free technique and gas purifiers. Only specially purified Catalyst Adsorbers are used here for producing water with an extremely high level of purity.

As one of the leading manufacturers of Catalytic Adsorber and Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs), Watch Water® aims to acquire additional customers in the Boiler and Heating Water Industry with this novel product and strength its market position.

The oxygenated water flows through a filter that is filled with Catalyst Deoxy. The hydrogen, which has a partial positive charge tries to find another atom of oxygen with excess electrons to share and is attracted to the partial negative charge. This forms the basis for the H2O (water). The positive hydrogen atoms are attracted to negative atoms. In a water molecule (H2O), the oxygen nucleus with +8 charges attracts electrons better than the hydrogen nucleus with its +1 charge. Hence, the oxygen atom is partially negatively charged, and the hydrogen atom is partially positively charged.

H+ ions are attracted to the Cathode, gain electrons and form hydrogen gas. OH_ ions are attracted to the Anode, lose electrons and form oxygen gas.

The new revolutionary technology is already being used in many new plants and being retrofitted in existing plants. Therefore, we are expecting very high demand for our Catalyst Deoxy Adsorber so that we can meet the ever-stricter requirement regarding water purity in the heating system and boiler water treatments.

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