Watch Water introduces the Ionex Resins® to meet water treatment demands of the global water industry

Watch Water® announces it is introducing Ionex Resins® from Mannheim, Germany – based water treatment company to meet water treatment demands of the global water industry. Watch Water® is a value-added reseller of the best technologies for the entire water industries, and now adding an extra added value to ship resins with among Watch Water® products such as; Filtersorb® SP3, Katalyst Light®, Trappsorb, RedOxy-3C, Titansorb® and Instant Dosing Products. Ionex Resins® will join its green products portfolio which includes selective resins for heavy metals removal and mining industry. We are confident with Ionex Resins® capabilities in the field and know it would be a perfect fit for the water treatment industry and our worldwide partners.

Ionex Resins® is described as a leap forward when compared to traditional Ion Exchange systems. Our unique approach to controlling the use of filter medias and the flow of liquids allow us to maximize the efficient use of Ionex Resins® with steady-state operating conditions. With our knowledge and pretreatments, we have proved to save 70% less operating cost and over 95% water recovery. These numbers will continue to improve as we constantly improve our technologies and processes.


We help our customers to:
• Recycle their process water
• Reduce the amount of fresh water
• Reduce the amount of resin regeneration
• Reduce the amount of water discharge

Using Watch Water® technologies will help you to save the planet and sleep well. Watch Water® is the perfect partner for you to use Ionex Resins® and we are looking forward to supplying you with the best resins available in the market.

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