Watch Water® GmbH developed very advanced Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) for Dye Adsorption and Deadsorption process

DyeSorb® and DyeOxy® are green chemistry and both are sustainable and environmentally friendly. From healthcare to fracking and beyond, Watch Water® has the ability to clean wastewater in all fields. Working with all major textile companies around the world Watch Water® has found a revolutionary way to remove toxic dye pollutants from wastewater, and our approach is safer, cheaper, and much easier than all traditional methods which requires the use of sophisticated devices and the cost of operation are extremely high. All devices for dye removal are useless.

DyeSorb®, adsorption removal by Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) is the most efficient alternative and very low-cost adsorber. Dyeing clothes requires massive amounts of water, energy, and chemicals. In addition to being resource-intensive, textile dyeing mills and dye houses dump large quantities of chemicals into wastewater which is later discharged into surface water resources. These substances can turn groundwater and surface water a very dark brown color which contaminates and badly affect human and animal health. On request from Chinese, Bangladesh, Indian and Vietnamese Governments to bring some Greener process, Watch Water® has invented DyeSorb® and DyeOxy® to solve this worldwide problem and to help textile manufacturers to use this economical alternative to all traditional expensive devices.

DyeSorb® allows hundreds of dye factories to be open and stop large expenditures on traditional or future devices as they are very complicated and expensive.

Watch Water®, one of the world’s largest suppliers of adsorbers and Advanced-Oxidation-Process (AOP) has developed DyeSorb® (MOF) and DyeOxy® (AOP). This innovation of Watch Water® utilizes 80% less energy and 90% of the water can be recycled.

The dirty business of making expensive devices is over with DyeSorb® and DyeOxy®. These Duo technologies of DyeSorb® (MOFs) and DyeOxy® (AOP), performed well on site and is a true method without increasing costs or investing in expensive devices.

In the long term, textile factories in Bangladesh, India, and China can use only our technology. It is so easy when you combine two different types of purification processes to cleans up the textile industry’s most dangerous chemicals. One process Adsorption and one Deadsorption is a real breakthrough.

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