Watch Water® announces DyeOxy® and DyeSorb®: A new era for Dye removal from Wastewater.

Watch Water® GmbH today introduce DyeSorb® and DyeOxy® with Metal-Organic Framework (MOF) technology, ushering in a new era for the world’s best-advanced oxidation and adsorption process to remove toxic organic and inorganic dyes. The newly designed Zn-MOF adsorber feature inexpensive zero-to-zero discharge for a brighter, much more advanced technology for the textile and plastic industry. DyeSorb® polisher, providing the biggest jump in adsorption ever in the water treatment industry. Watch Water® designed DyeOxy®, the fastest oxidation in a process, powers every dye degradation and coupled with an advanced DyeSorb® system, delivers the highest quality water-reuse in a factory.

DyeSorb® adsorber is also introducing OxySafe, offering high-powered regeneration and charging of used adsorber as all-in-one ecosystem technology. Simple and easy.

DyeOxy® and DyeSorb® will be available in 60 kg and 60-liter drums with availability beginning Monday, January 4th, 2021.

The arrival of MOFs is the beginning of a new era of adsorption and Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) and we are thrilled to bring these impressive new capabilities to our customers starting 2021. We wish all our partners and their family a Merry Christmas, health, and success in the New Year.

Our company will remain closed from 25th December 2020 to 3rd January 2021. Thanks for your cooperation in the tough year and we look positive to the future.

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