Watch Water® Announces Breakthrough in SCALE PREVENTION TECHNOLOGY

Watch Water® unique scale-prevention technology utilizes a proprietary, Partial Desalination system to remove Temporary Hardness based on dissolved Calcium and Magnesium bicarbonates that form scale in drinking and industrial water systems. In second addition to Temporary Hardness. FILTERSORB 100 is available to remove Permanent Hardness based on Silicates, Sulphates and at the same time with other benefits to remove Lead, Copper and CO2 from water.

Unlike all other Scale prevention and Anti-scale systems in the market, Watch Water’s® unique FILTERSORB 100 combines the best of both world by reducing Scale, Corrosion and removing Toxic metals at the same time.

Watch Water® FILTERSORB 100 Technology is expected to offer 100% superior scale-prevention performance at a price that makes the technology affordable to a much larger market than traditional scale prevention or Antiscalant methods. The system can be sized from POU, POE for all residential, commercial and large industrial applications.

This technology is simpler and more cost-effective than other scale prevention systems, where control valves are being used.

Our vision to be the No.1 in Scale Prevention has became true. This new technology will be the No.1 to reduce the amount of water that’s wasted by water softeners. Watch Water® is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of water treatment products as well as a manufacturer of wastewater products. For more information please visit

Note :
Watch Water® has a network of 45 branches and wholesale distributors that carry full line of our innovative products. This gives all water treatment companies the opportunity to easily access our innovative products. Watch Water® is proud Member of Water Quality Association and sell products which are Certified to NSF/ANSI-60, 61 or 372.


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