Best Under Sink Water Filter of 2021 “Special Filter” is now certified by WQA to NSF/ANSI-42

What we design, develop, manufacture and market today have a direct impact on the world, we will inhabit tomorrow. At Watch Water@ we have the same ideology. As a leading & innovating company in the water treatment industry, we continue to offer only safe and reliable drinking water products, which are sustainable and reliable.


We are feeling proud to announce that our SPECIAL FILTER® is now certified for drinking water as to the world-renowned NSF/ANSI 42 standard by WQA. This certification makes SPECIAL FILTER® the best product for under sink application and offering healthy water combine with Green TechnologyNucleation Assisted Crystallization (NAC).

SPECIAL FILTER® is a combination of high-performance activated Carbon block integrated with the most innovative FILTERSORB® SP3 anti-limescale beads. SPECIAL FILTER® has a high capacity in the reduction of Scale, Chlorine, Lead, Heavy Metals, Bad Taste and Odor, Cysts, and organics. Basically, all-in-one solution to your Point of Use (POU) water filters.

This is not the first product of ours, which certified to highest and most reputed industry standard. In fact, all our products are certified to one or other suitable NSF/ANSI or NSF/ANSI/CAN standards. This also shows we practice, what we preach.

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