SolarOxy-3C, exciting new Super Advanced Oxidation material uses solar energy to remove human-made organic and inorganic pollutants from water.

A novel oxidation material has been developed by Watch Water® Germany, which uses a catalyst for the degradation of environmentally harmful pollutants, which are released at a rate of 9600000 billion tonnes a year into the world water. A novel non-hazardous photocatalytic material effectively removes chemicals, plastic waste, pharmaceuticals, antibiotics, fertilizers, sewage water, agricultural runoff of nitrates and phosphates including TOC, and heavy metals, SolarOxy-3C can adsorb 100% of the dye and enhancing the rate of dye breakdown rapidly using (VISIBLE LIGHT) from the sun.

By mixing crystalline Titanium dioxide (Watch TiO2) and Oxydes-P (Oxidant) the mixture provides a huge surface area for organics and inorganics capture. The SolarOxy-3C in the water or wastewater proceeds to adsorb heavy metals and break down organics into small and harmless molecules using the energy provided by sunlight, in a process known as


Having removed the harmful organics, the catalyst may simply be filtered from the clean water by CRYSTOLITE filtration media.

Both of the materials used in the SolarOxy-3C have been manufactured by Watch Water® Mannheim. Titansorb-P is considered as one of the most promising materials for a range of Photocatalytic application’s, owing to its high electrical conductivity, chemical stability, and surface activity, in addition to its strong light absorbance. As a low band-gap-semiconductor, Watch TiO2 is white in color due to its ability to adsorb almost the entire spectrum of VISIBLE-LIGHT and therefore extracts a high amount of energy from sunlight to generate Hydroxyl radicals and sulphate radicals to power the degradation processes.

However, the true potential of the Watch TiO2 and Oxydes-P was only realized, once they were combined into a single SolarOxy-3C . Due to the exchange of electrons between the two materials, the organic and inorganic’s were broken down by the SolarOxy-3C at around double the rate achieved by Oxydes-P on its own, while Oxydes-P alone is incapable to degrade heavy metals. In contrast to all other leading catalytic materials, many of which are toxic to both humans and aquatic life, both our Watch Water®, products are classified as Non-Hazardous-Materials.

The Watch Water® GmbH, believes that their SolarOxy-3C has a huge potential. Now that we’ve introduced and we know the Capabilities of our SolarOxy-3C , our aim is not only to market the product but we’re also exploring its viability in other areas, such as the photocatalyzed adsorption of CO2 to generate Carbonates.

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