We don’t know of one water treatment company in the entire world that adds magnesium to the water, but we know every water softener in the world is adding sodium into drinking water. Every health officials are warning that there is a dark underside to the wonders of softened water. Softened water has none of the minerals naturally found in groundwater, tap water, minerals that humans require for energy, growth, development and especially calcium and magnesium.


Nucleation Assisted Crystallization (NAC)

• The technology is manufactured and developed by Watch Water in Germany and is used by almost every water treatment company. Filtersorb SP3 (NAC) is widely accepted for commercial and residential use throughout Europe, USA, Canada, Asia, and South America.

Certified by WQA to meet ANSI/NSF 61 standard for drinking water application

How it works

The saltless water softener systems with Nucleation Assisted Crystallization (NAC) use Filtersorb SP3 beads with nucleation sites to convert dissolved hardness into microscopic crystals. Magnesium (Mg) and Calcium ions collect on Nucleation beads and form solid crystals that won’t attach to surfaces.

The crystals will always remain as insoluble particles that will not form scale on surfaces. No Salt, Regeneration, wastewater or energy is required.

Case Study (Alternative Technologies)

A recent study published by the United States Water Environment & Reuse Foundation (WERF) concluded saltless water softener based on NAC reduced scale buildup on water heater elements by about 90 percent matching the effectiveness of salt-based water softeners. The NAC units are the best alternative to treat hard water.

For those concerned with Magnesium deficiency must install MGO beads unit after water treated by Filtersorb SP3.

Salt in water (the problem with salt) world waters need a low salt-diet.

The world has a growing salty water problem that threatens its freshwater fish, aquatic life and agriculture. Chloride from water softener salt gets into lakes, streams, groundwater supplies, and drinking water.

It takes only one tablet of salt to permanently pollute 10 gallons of water (37 liters). Once in the water, there is no easy way to remove chloride. All communities, salty brine from water softener drains to a municipal wastewater treatment plant that are not designed to remove salt from wastewater. Therefore, the salt passes through lakes and water streams. Close

The Ministry of Health estimated in 2020 that approximately 300 million deaths each year could be attributed to low levels of minerals like calcium and magnesium.

Watch Water® organization are worried about the impact of the absence of minerals on children’s development, referring to the studies that furiously link mineral deficiencies to a higher level of world health problem’s

“We’re talking about children whose mental capacity is being impacted by this high sodium water and nothing is being done” it is a situation that is so bizarre, it is almost unbelievable.

The world is drinking desalinated water from reverse osmosis and every house is equipped with water softener without knowing that both waters are acidic and corrosive to water pipes over time. The acidity and corrosiveness lead to leakages of Lead and Copper which can cause serious health problems. Salt-based water softeners waste a tremendous amount of water per year and gives a huge impact on wastewater treatment plants. Watch Water® strives to change that with our saltless water softeners.

“Saltless water softener is on level of god” it’s one of the best solutions in the water treatment industry for preventing every home and building from scale and corrosion. Having MgO beads as post-filter adds magnesium to all water and ensures that the entire world’s population gets the needed magnesium. Watch Water® saltless water softener keeps healthy minerals without adding any chemicals to your water.

Which is very Eco-Friendly, Cost-Effective and required No Maintenance. Therefore, your return on investment is substantially increasing and your community does not have to bear the cost for salt brine discharge into the water system.

Supporting the community is the foundation of our mission at Watch Water®

Watch Water® major mission is protecting the environment and changing the softener industry in 2019.

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