Watch Water® International News: Cleaning-up the Contaminated Water with Nitrosoft

Nitrate is one of the most unhealthy and troublesome contaminants in drinking water, that is mainly caused by fertilizer runoff on farmlands. Approximately 95% of the wells in agriculture regions exceed the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) limit for “NITRATE IN DRINKING WATER”.

Without an affordable treatment, the water is unfit for potable use. However, Watch Water® Germany has developed a technology that can selectively remove Nitrate from drinking water, preserving beneficial minerals and dramatically reduce water hardness so-called 2-in-1 Nitrosoft System.

Cost of this combined treatment is half compared with any other purification methods, such as water softening which creates the very toxic complex of “Sodium Nitrate (NaNO3)”

Therefore, all worldwide water softeners should be checked for the presence of Nitrate on the inlet analysis and you will be surprised that, almost every well around the world is contaminated with nitrate.

Our Nitro-Soft technology could be scale from Point of Use (POU), Point of Entry (POE) to municipal-plant size and will increase the overall freshwater availability in the entire world’s water resources.

Hardnesstrapp (HT) is a brand-new water treatment technology that can be used to remove water hardness from hard water. In addition to general water softening, Nitrotrapp can be added for the selective removal of Nitrate contaminants. One of the major health contaminants is Nitrate, which is regulated by the EPA to the maximum contaminant level in drinking water of 10 mg/l as (N).

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