Watch Water® donates Virol-Oxy® disinfectant to four countries for hospital disinfection and aid against the spread of Coronavirus.

• Donation of 500 kg of Virol-Oxy® high-level disinfectant can be diluted into 50,000 liters of solution.
• A total of 2000 kg is divided into four countries to fight against Coronavirus. That is equivalent to 200,000 liters of powerful disinfectants.
• Four countries are China, Singapore, Vietnam, and India.
Virol-Oxy® is very effective against Coronavirus.

Watch Water® announce aid for China, Singapore, Vietnam, India and other countries impacted by Coronavirus. Watch Water®, manufacturer of Virol-Oxy® with the most effective Antibacterial and disinfectant powder can be diluted with water and the quantity of (2000 kg) is enough for 200,000 liters of disinfectant solution. Diluted Virol-Oxy® can be used for frequent hand spray, hard surfaces disinfection, and equipment to eliminate the risk of contamination of surfaces.
Virol-Oxy® is the trademark of Watch Water® Group.

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