New One-Step Nitrotrapp Media Removes Nitrates from Water and change them into fertilizer.NITROTRAPP

A simple, one-step Nitrotrapp could help yield cleaner drinking water without nitrates.
Watch Water Germany introduce Trap Technology Enabled Water Treatment (TEWT) media made from unique beads which can Remove Toxic Nitrates and converting them to very precious fertilizer.

Trapped Nitrates while regenerated with magnesium chloride and used as fertilizer can boost plant growth by treating water with high Nitrate with Nitrotrapp. Bringing clean Drinking water to millions of people and food for plant’s and we call this “Regenerative Agriculture” “Humanity can benefit” People from around the world like clean water in their reservoirs. Therefore, only we can manage the waste correctly and we have the right media.

The ultimate aim of the Watch Water Company is to develop domestic water purification systems that will deliver cheaper and more widely available, nitrate free drinking water to millions of people around the world

“Nitrates are molecules that have one nitrogen atom and three oxygen atoms. nitrate turn into nitrites if they lose an electron (oxygen), but nitrites are even more toxic than nitrates, so you don’t want to stop with Nitrites. Moreover, nitrates are the more prevalent problem.

Ultimately, the best way to remove Nitrates is Trapping process that holds them completely and cannot be released as Nitrites, in our technology we add just a little Magnesium, so we are really turning Nitrates into fertilizer and water. All studies have shown that Magnesium deficiency is because of the lack of Magnesium in food and water in all communities around the world. Wells are polluted with Nitrates, all lakes are polluted with high amount of Ammonia and Nitrates. That means pretreating drinking water with Nitrotrapp media is most suitable solution, which trap and remove Nitrates without any waste. Thanks to TEWT, which is all about Trapping Pollutants. “Reducing Water pollution with Trappsorb”. Manufacturers currently make fertilizers, pharmaceuticals and other industrial chemicals by pulling nitrogen from the air and combines it with Hydrogen (NH4). But atmosphere nitrogen is hard to use because it locked into the pairs of atoms, called N2 and the bond between these two atoms is the second strongest in nature. Therefore, it takes a lot of energy to split N2 molecules and allow the nitrogen and hydrogen atoms to combine. Manufacturing fertilizer represents about 5% of the world’s energy use each year.

NitroTrapp “Is different method of making fertilizer” instead of using energy, we are using Magnesium. The concentrated Nitrates in Regeneration Process effectively boosts Food Production. Watch Water Team is confident in its application and have solved the problem. Nitrogen-Splitting-Problem and our Next step would be adding Magnesium in water for health and this will be big-bang in drinking water industry.

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