Message to G20 international forum for the Governments.


RedOxy-2C is the intentional introduction of Iron (RED) and Oxygen (OXY) to poor areas of Pond, Lakes, Rivers, Streams and Ocean surfaces by stimulating phytoplankton production. RedOxy-2C can enhance biological productivity and accelerate Carbon-dioxide (CO2) sequestration from the atmosphere.

Red (Iron) is vital micro-nutrient that phytoplankton needs to grow but it’s generally scarce in the surface waters. When available via RedOxy-2C, the phytoplankton slurp up the carbon dioxide during photosynthesis at the pond, lakes, river stream and ocean surface. When they Die and Sink to the bottom water surface, they take the carbon with it – “Effectively acting as a CARBON SINK”.

So let’s add more Red and Oxygen to decrease the Carbon dioxide from climate change.

Watch Water® has completely changed the system, routinely add RedOxy-2C to the lakes, ponds and ocean when cutting down a forest or driving cars. Ironically, because of the way Red function within water bodies. It is very much possible that the sources of RedOxy to the water bodies in fact have been acting to mitigate climate change.

Watch Water® have already been fertilizing the Lakes in different parts of the world.

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