Mannheim Germany October 8th, 2017 Watch Water Technology GmbH Introducing Revolutionary TRAPPSORB®

Trappsorb® Adsorber for Reducing Silica, Phosphate, Ammonia and Heavy Metal’s from Water and Wastewater. Watch Water Promises your water will look much cleaner, brighter and feel softer just in seconds. Another Promise it will be the best tasting water in the world. It’s not just a Adsorber it is a

“Good Health Media”

Trappsorb® adsorber specifically designed for potable water treatment. Trappsorb® is certified to NSF/ANSI-61 by WQA to conform to the requirement for Drinking Water Medias Health Effects under the Categories of Mineral Adjustment after Reverse Osmosis, Softener and deionized water. Trappsorb® in Water Treatment is a Revolution to adsorb Silica, Phosphates, Ammonia and Heavy Metals. Helps prevent silica and calcium phosphate scale formation in Boilers, Heat exchanger and city and housing piping’s. An excellent pH modifier and heavy metal scavenger in contaminated waters. The Metals Trapped by Adsorber include Copper, Nickel, Zink and Fluorides. Effluent concentration of the treated Metals are always less than 0.2 mg/lit. The Trappsorb® operates by the principle of Ion-Exchange but without any Chemical Regeneration

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