Watch Water® International News: Katalyst-Light media is now 100% Dust Free!

With a new investment, Watch Water’s Katalyst-Light media is 100% Dust-Free. The Gamma manganese is over 18.87 mg (Mn) and represents much more active sites for the adsorption and Catalytic-Oxidation of Iron and Manganese. As such, great performance of Mn(II) removal by Katalyst-Light can be easily obtained. An estimated 98-100% removal efficiency of Fe(II) and Mn(II) can be achieved in a very short time with only 20 minutes of backwash and 5 minutes of rinse. (25 minutes total)

On top of everything, the Dust-Free Katalyst-Light has prolonged the filtration period, which would significantly reduce the frequency of backwash. Thus, it could be concluded that Dust-Free Katalyst-Light will show the best performance in terms of heavy metals removal in all waterworks around the world, especially small waterworks in villages and towns.

Dust-Free Katalyst-Light, a novel Gamma Manganese dioxide-coated Zeosorb is characterized and employed for different application’s such as,

A) Filtration
B) Removal
C) Adsorption

Filtration of
Removal of
Adsorption of
Total suspended solids (TSS) more than
2 microns found in water and wastewater.
Iron (Fe2+)
As(V) with Iron
Manganese (Mn2+)
Uranium (VI)
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)
Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Copper (Cu2+)
Nickel (Ni2+)
Zink (Zn2+)
Lead (Pb2+)
Cadmium (Cd2+)
Cobalt (Co2+)

Gamma Manganese dioxide used in the process to manufacture Dust Free Katalyst-Light media is a 100% Green Catalyst with the most active Manganese form which accelerates Oxidation Reaction without using any oxidizer. This Novel Catalyst have been developed by Watch Water Germany that replaces all classic manganese dioxide-based medias.

It should be no surprise to most of the water treatment companies that Katalyst-Light has changed the world of water filtration, removal and adsorption of toxic heavy metals.

Gamma MnO4 is the most promising catalyst because of its active surface – Oxygen sites. Therefore, no dosing of Cl2 or KMnO4 is required while using Katalyst-Light. Also, Chlorine is known as a carcinogen by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We at Watch Water “We Watch – Water Quality and safety very seriously. We don’t add chlorine”. Chlorine compounds are volatile, so the primary exposure around your house comes from breathing chlorine (Cl2) from your Iron and Manganese removal system. It costs a lot less to use Katalyst-Light than to use all other media’s, which needs to intermittent or continuous feed using Chlorine (Cl2) or Potassium permanganate (KMnO4).

Katalyst-Light media is made in Germany and sold in 160 countries around the world for Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Municipal + Oil and Gas industries.

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