Hanoi ‘rescues’ 130 contaminated lakes with exclusive product REDOXY-3C

Hanoi Water Drainage and Sewerage Co Ltd thanks to Watch Water®, Germany’s advanced product REDOXY-3C in Conference held on March 6, 2018 (Hanoi, Vietnam) for its remarkable result.

Kinhtedothi – March 6/2018, HANOI WATER DRAINAGE AND SEWERAGE Co., reviewed the treatment and maintenance of the water quality of the lakes in the city with Watch Water® product REDOXY-3C after one year of implementation.

After a year of using REDOXY-3C to rescue the polluted lakes in Hanoi

Mr. Phan Minh Hoai(Deputy General Director of the Hanoi) water drainage company said, after testing the product in 3 Lakes (Giap Bat, Pit, Ba Mau) on April 8/2016 with Watch Water®, Germany’s product REDOXY-3C has been applied in the treatment of water quality in lakes according to the approved process. Up to now, it has been handling 86 outdoor, 44 sub-urban Lakes with REDOXY-3C.

Hanoi Water Drainage and Sewerage Co Ltd Conference on March 6, 2018. Hanoi, Vietnam

Before treatment, the water of polluted lakes was black or dark green in colour, bad smell, organic pollution and Coliform criteria exceeded the allowable multiple times. In mid-2016, Chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee Mr. Nguyen Duc Chung invited a company “WATCH WATER GmbH” from Germany to Hanoi to study and produce inoculants to clean the lake water in the capital. In July, REDOXY-3C was introduced and the President of Hanoi assigned it to the Drainage Company for testing.

After using REDOXY-3C, water quality has been improved. The water quality after treatment according to the monitoring data has been maintained stable within the maximum allowable limit of the surface water standard. The water of the lake no longer has unpleasant smell, no organic pollution, eutrophication. “The technology of treating the water with this product does not affect the aquatic ecosystem (algae and zooplankton), while the content of organic matter after treatment tends to increase,” said the company.

REDOXY-3C granular powder to sprinkle or spray into the lake pollution. This formulation will result in alkaline pH, TSS, BOD, COD and coliform concentrations in lakes, the hydrolysis parameters do not exceed the threshold, will develop the species of aquatic life and growth.

Watch Water®, Germany’s product REDOXY-3C is used in a series of lakes in Hanoi a year ago have shown best results and Hanoi People’s Committee also proposed to use this advanced technology product in rest of the lakes

At the conference (Hanoi, Vietnam) held on March 6, 2018, scientists all over the way from the city, Dr. Tran Hieu Nhue (Water Supply and Drainage) added that compared to previous methods, the advanced REDOXY-3C effects and results are much clearer and tremendous.

Previously, Hanoi has applied many technologies for treating pollution such as: biochemistry, Biological combinations of precipitation but these methods are not effective and complex with much time-consumption.

Through many exchanges, selected, Hanoi has decided to put REDOXY-3C into testing at the Center for Environmental Testing. Results showed that REDOXY-3C is an environmental friendly product, which results in fast processing within 24 hours with just one step.

“The results from the lab are very positive. It is important to pay attention to ensure proper process and good management after treatment to not re-pollution/contaminate, “said Prof. Tran Hieu Nhue.

Treatment of lake pollution in Chuong My district with REDOXY-3C preparation

According to monitoring results of Hanoi Drainage and Sewerage Company, there are 120/122 inner lakes, 140/150 lakes outside of Hanoi are contaminated water surface and most of the lakes in the central district have been thoroughly treated using REDOXY-3C.

As the product has proven with its remarkable results with all the beneficial advantages in the lakes of Hanoi (Vietnam), Water and Environmental experts also proposed to use this advanced technology product in the rest of the sub-urban (96 lakes).

The scientists also suggested the implementation of the cleaning of the lake with Watch Water®, Germany’s advanced product REDOXY-3C into scientific works with sufficient process and experience.


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