February 2nd, 2017: “Great news for WATCH Water® customers in the USA”WATCH Water® News…Great news for WATCH Water® customers in the USA

The time has come for WATCH Water® to be the First American Company to manufacture their Advanced Next Generation Filter media, Adsorbers and Advanced Oxidation products’ in the USA. This is the foundation and building blocks to solve America’s water problems.

It means we will work together with our partners in the USA to manufacture our products.WATCH Water’s goal for the end of this year will be to supply our products which will be “Made in USA”.We will be investing in a new factory and infrastructure to produce drinking water treatment media, destroy pollutants, advance treatment products to remove contaminants and pathogens, develop Green chemistry for cooling towers, and boilers.During this process we will promote the best available science and technology to water treatment industries.

Now the recent water quality issues in Flint, Michigan lead “Increasing amount of Iron and Lead leaching into the water”. Iron in drinking water poses more health risks than federal water regulators currently acknowledge.It is the major cause of Flint’s lead contamination crises. As WATCH Water® has proved in the last five years, we have the best media to remove Too Much Iron , and at the same time Too Much Manganese in the water. Katalyst-Light is part of a production in America, doesn’t sound bad for First American Media to remove both Iron and Manganese including Hydrogen Sulfide. Katalyst-Light will save over 120 million Americans from drinking “Iron and Manganese, which both possess a significant public health threat”. Bacteria like Legionella, which causes Legionella Disease, can be seen in Flint’s water crisis starting 2014.

There are over 1000 Communities Across the US with 4x the Lead Poisoning of Flint, Michigan

“Lead is unsafe at any level” (read more)

Moving Forward: Contaminants Removal, where all conventional treatment methods have failed, wasting millions of dollars and further complicating the communities’ access to clean drinking water. Manganese coated products are frequently used to remove excessively high amount of Manganese and Iron whereas conventional media’s have failed. Katalyst-Light does not require any dosing of chemicals.

Dosing chlorine is creating harmful disinfection by products (trihalomethans). Therefore, all conventional water treatment can be a disaster for communities.


We all know Calcium and Magnesium along with high quality water is essential for Good health. But did you know high sodium from water softeners can cause hypertension, high blood pressure and medical costs. Watch-Water® will manufacture the world’s No.1 Anti-scale media. Filtersorb SP3 which has saved “Most houses across the world having hard water without adding any sodium into the water”. Therefore, a scale prevention system can be a good investment to protect your pipes as well as your appliances which utilizes water. A scale prevention system does not remove calcium and magnesium from hard water which is very essential for your health. Filtersorb SP3 system requires no sodium chloride (salt). In the USA, 85% of the country has hard water.Alongside, manufacturing of Filtersorb SP3 in America is very important for us to move forward for clean drinking water for America.

We are announcing the opening of Watch-Water® Production in USA with the following products


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