Watch Water® International News: Suffering from Eczema? Here’s How to Treat Your Dry & Itchy Skin

Clean-Skin Bath is full of minerals, such as oxygen, magnesium and potassium that nourishes and moisturize the skin. “Clean-Skin Bath is very gentle oxidant for dried and bacteria effected skin. At the same time, it also draws out the impurities from the skin. Clean-Skin Bath is great for people who are acne-prone. It can also help the blood circulation by stimulating blood flow”

Clean-Skin Bath is the first brand to focus on treating body skin with the same care and potent as ingredients as used for our health. Clean-Skin Bath has made a major revolution in the wellness industry of skincare.

“The lukewarm water in bath increase penetration of products partly because your skin pores get opened up”.

This makes the skin better enabling to absorb oxygen and magnesium in serums and external cellular fluid which increases the blood supply in all physiological manner when you will submerge in Clean-Skin hot bath (lukewarm).

a) Lowers the blood pressure.
b) Relaxes your mind and muscles.
c) Will bring clarity to your skin.
d) Helps in a deep sleep.
e) Will make you feel reborn.

Magnesium applied through the skin will cure MND (Motor Neurone Disease) that affects around 1000’s of the individual in the world every year.

At the cellular level, magnesium allows the body to cleanse itself of disruptive heavy metals. A body repleted with magnesium will be stronger, more relaxed and can resist stress.

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