CORRTRAPP: No Phosphorus Corrosion Inhibitor, Corrosion Prevention Developed by Watch Water® Germany

Corrosion Prevention by CORRTRAPP

Watch Water® with its continuous commitment for sustainable treatments has developed Corrosion Inhibitor and Corrosion Prevention technology. Our CORRTRAPP is an Innovative new Hydroxide (OH-) molecule that provides corrosion inhibition and passivation for every water system with a very special focus on treatments where No-Phosphorus with 100% biodegradability. Similarly, CORRTRAPP is 100% Biodegradable.


Image for Corrosion Prevention
Corrosion Prevention



As compared to all traditional corrosion inhibitors, CORRTRAPP has better performance. All corrosion inhibitors are known for their low biodegradability or their contribution to Eutrophication. However, CORRTRAPP does not contain any Phosphonates, Phosphates and Acrylates.

Often phosphate dosing is not completely successful in reducing metal corrosion in the drinking water pipes. Above all, CORRTRAPP can be used to avoid any corrosion and simultaneously neutralizing acidic components from water to stop all corrosion processes. Moreover, CORRTRAPP can be used for Corrosion Prevention. It is a non-phosphorus corrosion inhibitor & prevents corrosion.

After that, CORRTRAPP is developed and produced exclusively by Watch Water Europe.


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