Coronavirus Disease 2019.
COVID-19 is a new disease and we have learned, How It Spreads and we are sharing the truth about Alcohol-based sanitizers.

Why? We cannot get rid of Coronavirus.
Why? It has been so successful.

This message should go to every person, doctor and hospital on this earth.

Alcohol? How can you ensure that alcohol disinfectants are not the source of Coronavirus to spread? Alcohol vapor from Alcohol-Based Hand Rubs. Alcohol inhalation is a method of administering alcohol known as

• Ethanol.
• Propanol.
• Isopropanol.

Alcohols are Volatile exactly like Aerosols. All the above Alcohols are converted from the liquid into gaseous states such as Vapor or Aerosol. It results in alcohol inhalation, which is combined with viruses. In combination with Bacteria, it changes into Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). These VOCs changes in breath during disinfection. It is a very dangerous infection in Human beings. Hence, we at Watch Water®, also expect changes of VOC profiles emitted from cells during viral infection spread at very high volumes.

Why? Coronavirus remains viable in Aerosol for at least three hours: So even if one doesn’t have direct contact with the infected person, one can contract the virus from Aerosols. This should be explained.

Why? It has caught the world unawares and is spreading rapidly.

Why? Social media has lowered our IQ. We have become so gullible in a large amount of information available on the internet and have stopped to ask simple questions. Especially misleading information which have been attributed to the certain professor from World Health Organization and sharing misconception information on social media such as WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. and the internet. The misleading information consequently leads certain individuals to start manufacturing their own disinfectant based on alcohol without the concept of precautions and consequences. Unfortunately, many alcohol-based disinfectants are produced and sold to thousands of people and ultimately going Viral.

We at Watch Water®, we are confident that together we will defeat this existential threat to the human race.

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Who are you going to call?
White Blood Cells!

You are probably been thinking about your immune systems a lot in recent days, so we wanted to take a look at the lymphatic system, which plays a huge role in protecting the body against infection and Viral Disease.

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