Catalytic Carbon Modified by Magnesium Oxide as Highly effective Sorbent for Degradation of Perfluorinated Compounds

Watch Water® GmbH a leading manufacturer in water purification technologies have introduced a new advanced product today Catalytic Carbon MG , a major advance in PFAS removal technology. Part of our Watch Water expanding line of Catalytic Carbon adsorbents, Catalytic Carbon MG + SuperOxy features two mechanisms that works to rapidly remove PFOA, PFOS and other perflourinated (PFAS) compounds from contaminated water supplies. Using a new process, Catalytic Carbon MG adds positive charged affinity to its powerful Activated Carbon adsorbents, which results in a several- fold improvement and uptake of over 50 short and long chain PFAS compounds. Only ZVI coated with a Cationic Surface can remove PFC’s effectively.

• Perfluorinated compounds contain fluorides (F) is a fluorine anion characterized by small radius, great tendency to behave as ligand and can easily form a great number of different organic and inorganic compounds in soil, rocks, air, plant and animals. These compounds are quite soluble in water and therefore fluoride is present in Surface, Ground and Wastewater as an almost completely dissociated fluoride ion.

Watch Water® GmbH invention involves two operational steps.

A = Adsorption of (PFAS)

B = Destroying the adsorbed

Perfluorinated compounds on the Catalytic Carbon MG and regenerating the CCMG with SuperOxy . The compounds can be organic alkenes, polychlorinated phenols, Aromatics and all other organic or Inorganic compounds amenable—to remove by Adsorption. SuperOxy can regenerate all kinds of activated carbon or synthetic adsorbents.

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