TAKE THE PLEDGE : Watch Water® develops new technology to clean and purify water using CARBONBLOCK–TS (III)

A new German Technology that uses High Grade carbon and a photocatalyst to turn polluted water into safe drinking water.

The new Carbonblock is called Carbonblock–TS (III) “Photocatalytic Water Purification” has the unique ability to regenerate itself under ultraviolet light from sunlight.

Watch Water® Germany, is constantly developing new technologies and are determine to lower cost and maintenance requirement for water purification systems. The aim is to make these new technologies affordable and available worldwide.

Around 60 percent of the world population relies on ground water, which is exposed to different types of pollution, from Agrochemical, Heavy metals such as Arsenic, Lead, Selenium, Copper, Chromium (VI), Cadmium and many other contaminants.

These contaminations has to be seen as a societal problem and causes harmful health problems to as many as 3 billion people.


Pledge Not to Drink Bottled Water where Carbonblock–TS (III) is available for Tap Water


Carbonblock TS is now also available with 3 different specifications
Carbonblock–TS (III)
Carbonblock–TS (V)
Carbonblock–TS (X)


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