Carbon Fixing News: Watch Air® knows about trapping Carbon-dioxide to fight against climate change.

You cannot change the climate by avoiding it and only talking about climate change is not enough.

We at Watch Air® knows how to remove CO2 before it enters the atmosphere. Climate change cannot be stopped by force; it can only be achieved by understanding the Complete-Carbon-Chemistry.

Watch Air® is introducing a novel absorber technology capable of absorbing the by-product of traffic and industries before it hits the atmosphere. Carbofix® is manufactured by Watch Air® which can effectively capture CO2 from the exhaust, emitted by burning materials and all power plants.

“So, if we can absorber the CO2 from these large point sources, then we can significantly reduce our greenhouse gas emission.”

Traffic lights are hot-spots for Air Pollution

If global warming is caused by too much Carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere by human-activities and traffic, then intercepting those greenhouse gases before they reach the atmosphere or better absorbing them right out of the sky with Carbofix®.

That’s the promise of Carbofix® and Watch Air® technologies, one of the best available technology that doesn’t only reduce the amount of carbon dioxide at source, but can also remove CO2 from the atmosphere, thereby generating “Negative Emission”.

Happy New Year
“No Fireworks, as they are harming the Environment”

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