SCALETRAPP : Watch Water® New Invention Produces Healthier Water without Sodium & Hydrogen

Only Scaletrapp provides the water with Magnesium and Calcium from any Hard Water at home, buildings schools and universities or in any commercial applications.

Watch Water® have found a way to clean particles from contaminated water by mixing Filtersorb SPA/MGO. Carbon dioxide (CO2) gas changes the water chemistry which causes particles to move from one side of the water depending on their chemical charge. By taking advantage of the motion, Watch Water® can split, hardwater a stream and Filter-out-suspended particles like CaCO3 and CO2.

Filtersorb SP3 (S) Produces Cleaner Water with
No Energy and No Chemicals


This is the same Technology (CO2) that adds fizz to soda and can now be used to remove particles and at the same time add magnesium in water, coffee, food and any drinks made from ScaleTrapp water.

Watch Water® at Mannheim Germany have introduced a technology for using Carbon dioxide in a low-cost water treatment system that eliminates the need for very costly and complex filter’s. Read More >


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